Smooth as velvet, like white chocolate fudge. The softer Alpine notes resonate at last. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Switzerland Milk Type/Treatment: Thermalized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Challerhocker is the Swiss for those who think they don’t like Swiss cheese. Gone is any tinge of astringency, leaving the buttery background for the subtle flavors of our beloved Alpines: vanilla, hazelnut, and a touch of almond. The paste is velvety smooth and just this side of hard—you can really sink your teeth into it. Plus, Challerhocker is the 2018 Cheese Madness Champion! The Story Cheesemaker Walter Rass comes from a long line of Appenzeller producers. Subsidized by the Swiss government, Appenzeller production is a guaranteed income. Rass took a risk putting more and more energy into his beloved “pet project”  Challerhocker (which means “cellar-sitter” and refers to those who watch over the wheels as they age). After years of increasing its production, though, Rass can finally afford to quit the Appenzeller game. Cheers to the diversity of Alpine cheese! Usage Tips Top this champion Gruyere with the sweet and caramelized Tishbi Onion Cabernet Preserves for one of our favorite bites.  Or play up the nuttiness of this cheese with the Tishbi Cherry Shiraz Preserves , it's like hanging out with a slice of cherry pie over a glass of Shiraz.  For a sweeter bite, try with our Fig and Acacia Honey Jam or try one of the many incredlbe Blake Hill  preserves and marmelades.