Comte Sagesse

Fine crystals cast throughout a dense matrix. The epic composition of a great Old-World cheese. Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience There is nary a flavor note from the Alpine profile that isn’t played in Comté Symphonie. This cheese is aged for (often over) two years by Marcel Petite at Fort St. Antoine to develop unrivaled complexity punctuated by fine crystals. Flavor after flavor will appear on your palate in a taste evolution worthy of Willy Wonka. No flavor will out-compete another, though: they play together in perfect harmony. The Story The Comté Flavor Wheel is a graphic device designed to organize, identify, and relate the vast range of aromas known in the great Comté cheese. The categories of Spicy, Lactic, Fruity, Roasted, Vegetable, and Anmal radiate into finer, more distinct flavors. Get yourself a copy and sit down to a huge slab of Comté Symphonie to see how many you can identify! Usage Tips This cheese deserves to be heard, so keep the pairing clean and simple. Sliced radishes serve the crisp of pickle and the bite of mustard in one, without overpowering the numerous subtleties of the cheese. Dried cherries or golden raisins, and toasted pecans or walnuts can become a luxury “trail mix” to remind the noble Comté Symphonie of its long trek down the mountainside. A cheese of this complexity will present itself differently with every wine or beer pairing, so try a range for the opportunity to hear every movement of this cheese.