Copper Kettle

Quick Facts Country of Origin:  Wisconsin, USA Milk Type/Treatment:  Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience  Made to the recipe of Grana Padano, this rich, nutty cheese is made in traditional copper kettles and aged over 20 months. A crunchy texture and robust flavor are the result of high-quality ingredients, brining in natural sea salt and aging in a temperature-controlled environment. Each wheel is hand-selected once its intense flavor profile has reached the peak of perfection for a true culinary delight. The Story Copper Kettle is made by Schuman Cheese, a company that existed exclusively as an importer from 1945-2005. Starting in 2006, they set up production of Italian-style cheeses in, and have taken home made awards since then. Copper Kettle has placed at the American Cheese Society, World Cheese Awards, Guild of Fine Foods, World Dairy Expo and US Championship Cheese Contest in it's first ten years of existence!  Usage Tips An easy addition to an antipasto board, paired with salami, mustard and crusty bread. Also grates well for pasta or salads.