Doe Run Seven Sisters

Raw, raw cow... Stay close to me. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Coastesville, PA Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Seven Sisters is a romp through local, farmstead flavor. Begin by wading through a river of milk and honey, relax and feel the smooth paste float on your tongue before diving into a waterfall of melted toffee and butterscotch, dotted with almonds and hazelnuts. Then, as the cheese comes to a lingering finish, lay down in a field of wildflowers and herbs to let the sun dry you completely. The Story Located in Coatesville, PA, the Farm at Doe Run and Doe Run Dairy are dedicated to producing high quality milk which makes high quality cheese. Simple and sustainable agriculture is the name of the game in Chester County, and their 700-acre farm is a veritable heaven-on-earth for their herd of Jersey cows, as well as their East Fresian sheep and Nubian goats! Usage Tips Crisp, acidic white wines, or lighter beers and fruity ciders, this is a cheese that likes to drink. Don't go crazy on accoutrements—just a fresh apple will do.