Fiore Sardo

Well-aged and lightly smoked; Dry, raspy-yet-fatty; Smoky pecorino built upon outstanding milk and combined with ancient techniques elevating cheesemaking to a fine art. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Fiore Sardo starts with great milk. The sheeps' diet consists of dry, woody herbs and the flavor of the cheese is a direct representation of the landscape. The cheese is lightly smoked over balsam wood and set to age on wooden racks. Milk quality and technique combine to create a flavor experience like no other. The Story Prior to Roman intervention near the end of the Bronze Age, most cheeses were fresh and eaten on or around the farm where they were made. Then developed and applied two groundbreaking techniques—aging and smoking—that would revolutionize the cheesemaking and improve the durability. Bronze age Romans would change cheesemaking onto a fine art. Larger Roman Houses added separate cheese kitchens dedicated to the craft, aging, and smoking of these cheeses. In larger towns, homemade cheeses could be brought to a specialized center to be smoked. Fiore Sardo stands as a testament to those times—a truly exciting time in the history of cheesemaking. Usage Tips Pair with Rigoni Orange marmalade, orange blossom honey, or Tait Farms Apple Pepper Jelly for a sweet and delicious bite.