Gruyere Alpage

A wonderful and hard-to-find Gruyere cheese from a cheesemaker with a small herd of dairy cows, chalets nestled high in the Swiss Alps, and a commitment to quality over quantity. Only two wheels of this cheese are produced a day. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Canton Fribourg, Switzerland Milk Type/Treatment: Raw cow's milk Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience As winter approaches, we’re turning our thoughts (and our bellies) to the bounty of cheeses that hail from the Swiss Alps. A standout this season is Gruyere Alpage, a Gruyere that’s so much more than just a Gruyere. A firm cow’s milk cheese, it's creamy and slightly waxy, with nutty notes, and a surprisingly plummy sweetness. Made in small batches, Gruyere Alpage is creamier than its Alpine cousin Challerhocker, and milder than Schnebelhorn, but every bit as fantastic. The Story This traditional Gruyere cheese is produced using milk from Red and Black Holstein cows, which graze high in the Swiss Alps (at an elevation of almost 5500ft) from May to October. In chalets dating back to 1686, the oldest in Canton Fribourg, cheesemakers Charles and Christian Boschung stirred fresh cows milk in copper cauldrons over an open flame, producing just two or three 50lb wheels of cheese per day. In 2014, only 40 wheels made their way to the U.S. Even Halley’s Comet is easier to spot! Usage Tips This is one of those cheeses that can stand on its own. No need for flavored crostini, or a dollop of fruit preserves, or even our specialty nuts. Enjoy Gruyere Alpage alone, slice by slice, and let the bold, layered flavors transport your senses to the Swiss Alps.