You say cheese, we say buttered baked potato.  Quick Facts Country of Origin: Wasen, Switzerland Milk Type/Treatment:  Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience A specialty of the picturesque region of Wasen, where cows graze on serene Alpine pastures, this delightfully pungent cheese is rich and flavorful from a grass-fed diet and having been carefully monitored throughout the aging process. Buttery, with a definite baked potato aroma that will warm your soul. The Story Imported by Gourmino Cheese, this masterful alpine style is exclusively produced by master cheesemaker Michael Spycher, the dairy is located just next door to his home and nearby the Hornbach river. The milk is rich in nutrients and delivered by local farmers twice a day. The cows munch on local hillside grasses during the summer and quality hay in winter, which both add to the unique flavor profile. It's another quality addition to our All-Star Alpine Cheese lineup.  Usage Tips Just because it smells like a baked potato doesn't mean that you shouldn't melt a little bit and add it to an actual baked potato - especially with some bacon bits, a small dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chives.