Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman Cheese

Firm with a slightly crumbly texture with small crystals beginning to develop. French onion soup in one bite. Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience A beefy newcomer to the world of alpine cheeses, Tolman is fruity and nutty when young and as hearty as it gets once it's aged. Roasted onion and bone broth are prominent flavors in this new Vermont classic. The Story Alpha Tolman's grandfather Enoch "nucky"* Tolman was one of the founders of Greensboro Vermont. Jasper Hill's Vermont food venture center had a big role in the development of this cheese as well as providing a place for the people of Vermont's northeast kingdom to develop new and exciting agricultural products. *It's possible no one called this guy Nucky until I did just now. Regardless, we at Di Bruno's have great respect for Mr. Tolman and have no reason to believe he wasn't on the up and up. Usage Tips Tishbi Onion Cabernet Preserves and Tolman are a match made in heaven. Anything tart and bright provides a nice counterpoint to the meatiness of this cheese. Try it melting over some potatoes with some dill pickles or pickled green beans on the side.