Kaserei Butschwil Schnebelhorn

A complex raw cow’s milk cheese made in the Swiss Alps and named after the tallest mountain in the region, Schnebelhorn has plenty of deliciously pungent sharpness, wrapped up in a creamy and firm bite. Quick Facts Country of Origin: St. Gallen Province, Switzerland Milk Type/Treatment: Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Named for the mountain that stands at over 4000 feet and divides St. Gallen from Zurich, Schnebelhorn is a bold, washed-rind Alpine cheese with strong flavors and an even stronger funk (just the way we like it). Made high in the Swiss Alps using milk from both Brown Swiss and Braunvieh cows, as well as extra cream retained from the dairy’s Appenzeller production, Schnebelhorn is nutty yet creamy, and has flavors of onions, walnuts, and even an aroma of honey. The Story Reto Guentensperger is a third generation cheesemaker at his family’s dairy, Käserei Butschwil. When demand for their traditional Appenzeller cheese slowed, they turned their focus to other variants, including Guntensberg and Schnebelhorn. Using milk from high-altitude grazing cows, Guentensperger’s dairy can produce 100 fifteen-pound cheeses per batch. Usage Tips Who’s in the mood for fondue? If you can stand to melt it, mixing Schnebelhorn with a strong Gruyère will have you dipping and dunking veggies and bread until the fondue pot is empty. Enjoy with a spicy white wine.