Le Cret Gruyere 1655

Wholesome flavors of toasted seeds and buttered toast with an umami finish; Dense and serious; The good-natured mountain king. Quick Facts Country of Origin:  Switzerland Milk Type/Treatment:  Raw Cow Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience You could run out of breath imagining sun-warmed meadows when you taste the toasted sesame and dryer-warm linen of this cheese. Your mind just won’t stop running! Gruyere AOP is the hallmark specimen of Gruyere, being both representative of the style and an outstanding example of how good it can be. The Story Not all Gruyeres are granted the 1655 seal. Each wheel of AOC Gruyere is scored on a scale of 1 through 20. After five consecutive years of consistently earning 19.5 and above, Le Cret earned the stamp of 1655. Why 1655? That’s the year this recipe, which was already 500 years-old at that time, was first given the proper name Gruyere. What’s even older? The glacier-washed caves Le Cret sources their sel des alpes are 200 million years old. Usage Tips Top this champion Gruyere with the sweet and caramelized Tishbi Onion Cabernet Preserves for one of our favorite bites—French (well, Swiss) onion soup. To evoke a traditional Alpine snack, alternate bites of Gruyere AOP with apple snitz, or melt it atop a ham sandwich with a daub of Edmond Fallot Walnut Dijon. Now the hills are alive.