Marieke's Smoked Gouda

Delicately smoky and slightly meaty; A supple, pliable texture, great for melting; A ham sandwich of a cheese, no meat required. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Wisconsin Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience You know that ubiquitous, tube-shaped, brown smoked Gouda you see in supermarkets nationwide?  OK, now forget that.  This is what real smoked Gouda is supposed to taste like.  Made from raw milk and aged on pine wood, it is smoked over hickory (instead of infused with liquid smoke) for a persistent but subtle presence of smoke. The Story One of our favorite Wisconsin producers. Frankly, one of our favorite American producers. Marieke is the first name of the cheese maker, who moved to the United States the day after her wedding in Holland, and never looked back. Finding fertile pastures in Thorp, she set out to fulfill a lifelong dream of making great Gouda. In 2014, her lineup took 1st-4th place at the World Cheese Awards in the Gouda category, which says just about everything you have to say. Usage Tips Pair with anything dark, or melt over a burger, and serve your favorite IPA.