Pitchfork Cheddar

Exclusive in the US to Di Bruno Bros. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Somerset, England Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow  Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Deep, layered and complex. Creamy, buttery, juicy and sharp, it touches on every nuance you desire from cheddar. The Story Made by brothers Todd and Maugan (pronounced Morgan) Trethowan of Gorwydd Caerphilly fame. In 2014, in search of the most luscious grasslands for their cattle, the brothers moved the family farm to Somerset, England, within five miles of the town of Cheddar. Compelled to honor the cheesemaking tradition of the region, they started producing Cheddar in 2018. They set out to honor the following criteria: 1) Pitchfork must be made as traditionally as possible. 2) We will use only organic milk. 3) We will use only raw milk. 4) We will create a finished product that emphasizes the terroir, which is the reason we moved here in the first place. 5) We will comply with the standards of Artisan Somerset Cheddar. They have succeeded mightily. It is expected that they will be the fourth producer (along with Montgomery, Keen's and Westcombe) to officially be granted the status of Artisan Somerset Cheddar by September of 2019.  Usage Tips Create a farmhouse platter with country pate, mustard, English ale and hearty bread. Or, layer with Brooklyn Cured Beef Salami and a delicious chutney .