Red Rock

QUICK FACTS Country of Origin:  Shullsburg, Wisconsin, USA Milk Type/Treatment:  Pasteurized   Cow Rennet Type:  Animal THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE A delicious, highly-snackable natural-rind Cheddar from Roelli Cheese. Streaked with desirable (and intentional) blue mold, and dyed orange with annatto extract. THE STORY Chris Roelli is a 4th generation Wisconsin cheese maker. His great grandfather established the tradition when he emigrated from Switzerland and started producing cheese in Shullsburg. In 2015, Chris earned the distinguished title of Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker for his Cheddar production. He has since earned two more for blue and alpine cheeses.  USAGE TIPS This is a difficult cheese to stop eating once you start. A great snacker, it pairs easily with our Blood Orange & Grappa Jam , Mild Soppressata and beer.