Select Comte

Firm but pliant with a buttery glow. Our very own monger’s selection! Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Selected by our very own cheesemonger Mark Bomalaski, this flavor profile lightens up the typical roasty profile of Comté with some floral and sweet fruit notes. There’s no sacrifice to richness, though; Di Bruno Bros. Select Comté retains all the depth and intensity you’ve grown to love about this cheese. The Story Some of our cheesemongers have been lucky enough to travel with Essex St. Cheese to Fort Lucotte and live a cheese dream come true. Marveled by rows and rows, column after column of Comté, this flavor profile was selected from a series of wheels presented for Mark’s inspection. How diverse they were! Mark selected this profile, sweet and tangy on top of the typical Comté buttered-toast, to round out the array of Alpine cheeses we already carry in our shop. Usage Tips A truly great Comté spread should include some ham (we like the savory and soft Black Label Prosciutto di Parma), pickles (McClure’s Garlic spears are the pick here) and plenty of crusty bread. Comté can handle a broad array of beverage pairings, but a big, meaty-and-fruity red (maybe from Eastern France…) really pulls this all together.