Ricotta Al Limone

Cheese meets cake, with a touch of lemon.  Please note, this product will be released on 4/6. For mixed carts, your entire order will be held for shipment until this time. Quick Facts Country of Origin:  Sicily, Italy Milk Type/Treatment:  Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type:  Acid The Flavor Experience Is it a confection or is it a cheese? Honestly, it's both. A lemony ricotta cake hailing from Italy that is all of sweet, yet light, yet savory, and oh so bright.  The Story Whey, along with casein, is one of the major classes of milk proteins. Whey is water soluble, though, so in standard cheesemaking, as water is expelled from the curd, whey follows. That’s a lot of nutrients, so why not capture that and make cheese? The soft, amorphous quality of ricotta, as opposed to the firm, moldable matrix of casein-based cheeses, illustrates the how different these protein classes are in structure and reactivity. Their role in milk differs, too, caseins being primarily a source of nutrients, while whey proteins typically have defensive, transport, or enzymatic functions. Usage Tips Treat this as you would a cake, slice and serve with fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. Got leftovers? Cube them up and carry this with berries as a light and delicious breakfast as well! Please note, some shipping destinations outside the immediate Philadelphia area require overnight shipping when this item is added to the cart, regardless of the rest of your cart's contents.