St. Stephen

Dense and irresistible, satiny-rich paste.   An adorable little hatchling from the Hudson Valley.   Quick Facts Please note, due to the perishable nature of this delicious cheese, your order will need to ship Overnight. Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience It’s not just the texture that gets buttery here. Sure, the  paste of Four Fat Fowl’s St. Stephen has that dense silk, but these adorable  little wheels are redolent with the flavor of fresh, creamery butter. With an  inviting saline zing, this American softie is jumping into the hearts of  cheeselovers left and right. The Story Located in Stephentown, in the Hudson Valley, Four Fat Fowl’s  name is a nod to an early colonial landholding system. Dutch settlers introduced  “patroonship”, a sort of friendly version of the feudalism.  Stephen Van Rensseleer, whose name is lent to  the county, town, and cheese, was a “patroon”, or landlord, known to be especially  forgiving when it came to rent, even letting established residents almost  entirely off the hook. After seven year’s tenantship, a year’s rent cost only  one day of labor, twenty bushels of wheat, and, you guessed it, four fat fowl. Usage Tips Soft, dark bread (think pumpernickel) welcomes the buttery  joy of St. Stephen, especially when joined by some mustard and a handful of cornichons. A gorgeous plate like this begs for pate. We especially love Larchmont’s Pate de  Campagne, also hailing from beautiful New York State.  All you need is a bottle of Pinot Noir and you’ve  got yourself the perfect spread.