1605 Manchego

Earthy, almondy, and notes of raw sugar; Toothsome with the texture of buttery shortbread; Spain found a way to make artisanal cheese out of cereal milk. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Spain Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience The official re-definition of the Manchego you've known in the past, this medium-bodied cheese is full of sugared almond notes with a sweet hint of hay. Picture yourself on a romantic hillside looking over a herd of sheep as the Spanish sun sets in front of you...then take a bite of this nutty, rustic work of art. The Story The ranch where 1605 is made has been around since 1878, and the cheese itself is named after the year "Don Quixote" was published by Cervantes. This cheese comes to us from our dear friends at Essex St. Cheese Company, who rely on Jose Luis Martin to select the best of these wheels for distribution. Made by female cheesemaker Maria Jose, Finca Sierra La Solana also produces grapes and almonds. Usage Tips This naturally rinded cheese is essentially naked, begging to be wrapped in something luxurious and sweet. Try with a touch of lavender honey for a silk robe effect, or lace her up in some sweet, sweet raspberry jam as her feather boa. If you really want to make a statement, send this beauty to your palate wearing only fresh grapes and buttery pistachios. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.