Fulvi Pecorino Romano 18mo.

Rich with an assertive tang of umami and salted walnuts; Dense and velvety, almost cake-like; The Roman Emperor of sheep's milk cloaked in obsidian robes. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Sheep Rennet Type: Lamb rennet The Flavor Experience An unsuspecting delight, Fulvi Black Skin Pecorino treats the tongue to a rich, tangy composition packaged in a velvety, dense, cake-like structure. Its flavor profile unfurls as it warms on the palate, with briny notes of butterfat, umami, and roasted walnuts amalgamating. The Story One of only a few Pecorino Romanos still produced according to ancient tradition in the undulating, pastoral countryside of Rome; Fulvi Black Skin Romano is “Genuino.” Rich, additive and hormone-free sheep’s milk is taken from select herds in the Lazio region and nurtured into 65-pound wheels of toothsome delectability through a process of natural cellar aging in the village of Nepi. It is aged for 10 to 12 months in the Sini Fulvi workshop and coated in black wax which it's moniker, "Black Skin Romano" denotes. Usage Tips This savory cheese is appreciably moister and less salty than other Pecorino Romanos, making it an ideal table cheese whose flavor profile can complement savory, spicy dishes as well as balance saccharine dessert wines, fruit, and honey. Try pairing Fulvi with Tait Farms Apricot Butter, sugary Muscat grapes, or Salumi Salami.