Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

Hard and crumbly when well-aged. An American classic that rivals its erstwhile Colonial masters. Take that, King George! Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Past. Cow Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience While Cabot's could at times be mistaken for an English clothbound this big boy is an American original. Slightly tangier but still incredibly well-balanced with a nutty sweetness. The Story Cabot Clothbound is the result of a truly collaborative effort between the Cellars at Jasper Hill and Cabot Creamery. Beginning in 2003, Cabot Clothbound has been made in the town of Cabot with milk from a single herd of Holstein cows at Kempton Farm, in Peacham, VT. The wheels are formed and then coated in lard, wrapped in muslin, and aged in a special cellar at Jasper Hill. Usage Tips Think malty ale or Basque cider. Take an apple crisp, top it with Cabot, and then just a smidge of bacon jam. Wait, I'll be right back...just going to make myself one.