Moliterno Bianco Sardo

Fatty, not too dry.  Not too crumbly. An olive oil bath makes sure of that. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasturized sheep Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Pay attention to the rind. It's an indicator that this cheese is made in the old world style known as 'en canestrato' meaning that it is formed in a wicker basket and left to cure. When stable enough to be moved, it is rubbed down with olive oil and set to age on reeds for a minimum of six months. Like a Italian bodybuilder, this cheese sweats oil and has the physique to match; tight yet supple, balanced, and rugged on the outside. The Story Moliterno is a classic example of small form Italian Pecorino. It is named for the Latin 'mulcternum' which is a place to milk animals and allow the milk to coagulate. The curd is broken by hand and placed in wicker baskets to remove the excess whey. Then the wheels are placed in hot whey to cook for about fifteen minutes. The cheese is rubbed with olive oil to prevent cracking and aged on reeds for a minimum 6 months. The result is a fatty, lush paste with a rugged rind that harkens time and place. Usage Tips Drizzle with Di Bruno Bros.' truffle honey for a Classic 9th Street pairing.