Bright and lemony with a nod to grassy herbaceousness; Firm and fudgy, but melts gently on the tongue; A flirty sundress for your taste buds. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Spain Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience A sunshiny, semi-soft goat cheese that no one should ever fear; full of bright, citrus and herb flavors, this goodie is a favorite of goat cheese lovers as well as goat cheese novices. A pleasant surprise in a simple sammie, or a honey-lover's dream on a cheese plate. The Story Cheesemaking in Spain has had to overcome a few extra hurdles compared to its other European counterparts. Due to the regime of dictator Francisco Franco, cheese production in Spain was halted for the most part in rebellion of modernization, industrialization, and capitalism. After his death in 1975, cheesemaking resumed at a decelerated rate, and is only now back in the running for producing some of the finest gourmet cheeses of western Europe. Usage Tips For crying out loud, please eat this with copious amounts of fresh fruit and white wine! Don't over complicate things, but if you must, add a touch of sweetness with honeys or marmalades with no added sugars. Also pairs well with an afternoon dip in a crystalline pool, a picnic after a horseback ride through a European forest, or a PBR on a roofdeck.