Montgomery's Farmhouse Cheddar

Firm with a crumbly texture and a long, balanced finish. One bite and you're transported to a meadow in Somerset with a bottle of musty cider and a heifer as your companions. Quick Facts Country of Origin: UK Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow (Though sometimes Pasteurized) Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience A truckle of Montgomery's resembles the trunk of a noble tree. Peel back the cloth and break into a wheel and you'll find a cheese that is rich and toasty, exhibiting none of the acid-sharpness of block cheddar. James Montgomery takes great care to ensure the cows are eating a balanced diet of grass and silage. Too much of either and it affects the fat/protein makeup of the milk. The Story Cheddar has been made on Manor Farm in North Cadbury, Somerset for over 100 years. James Montgomery is the current proprietor and 3rd generation to run the family business. The cheddar is made from the raw milk of a herd of 200+ Friesian cows. James keeps a close watch on the diet of the cows as it has a great effect on the fat to protein levels in the milk. Too much fat can lead to off or rancid flavors, too much protein and the texture could be off. Usage Tips A tart and funky cider, a traditional English pale ale or a pinot noir would be appropriate for Monty's. A slather of Tait Farms Apple Chutney if you're feeling wild.