Paski Sir

Paski Sir is a salty and gamey cheese, with the flavor of woody herbs and toffee; Firm yet moist with nice crystallization; A beautiful summation of time and place, Paski Sir exemplifies the nature of the sheep and the land from which it sprung. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Croatia Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Sheep Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience Rustic and rugged, Paski Sir is the story of struggle and perseverance and making the most of what you got. Like the Rocky of the Adriatic, only less sweaty. The Story 3000 sheep contribute the milk needed to produce Paski Sir. Pag Island sports very little in the way of vegetation and what vegetation is present is very dry, salty, woody herbs. As a result the sheep are undersized and produce very little milk ~ .5L/day. Each wheel of Paski Sir requires the efforts of 10-12 sheep. The Co-op has 200 member-farmers and all of the cheese is made, as it has been for the last 15 years, by a single cheesemaker named Nenad. Usage Tips Pair with Tonewood Grade B Maple, Sage Honey, and oil cured olives.