Piave Vecchio

Tropically fruity with a bitter almond undercurrent; Grana's crystalline texture with a more buttery mouthfeel; Nutty, fruity and bold. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Older specimens resemble a young Parmigiano Reggiano and serve best with simple accompaniments such as fresh or dried fruit. Piave is best eaten 'off the wheel' or shaved into a variety of dishes. The Story Deep in Italy's Dolomite region, Producers apply the "Ancient Laws of the Dairyman's Art" to produce a cheese worthy of its DOP status. Milk is ripened with locally produced milk and whey starter cultures before traditional animal rennet is applied. The curd is cooked and moulded; then brined. The cheeses are then cellar aged while being brushed, washed and turned. Older specimens resemble a young, sweet, Parmigiano. Usage Tips Shave over a salad or enjoy as-is with sunflower honey and Di Bruno Bros. Sweet Abbruzze Sausage.