Sapore Del Piave

Robust yet familiar, like brownie pieces soaked in almond milk. Parmigiano's shy but dangerous cousin. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Maybe you're tired of Parmigiano, maybe you're not, but changing up the game with a hunk of this northern Italian firm cheese is never a bad idea. The epitome of nuttiness with a side of fruity, this is more than acceptable for grating as well as a table cheese. The Story Born in the 1960s, this cheese is a product of third-generation cheesemaking that was formed through a cooperative of dairy farms in Oderzo, Italy. Sapore is aged over a year, usually closer to 16 months, and is a prime example of tyrosine crystallization in an aged cheese. Tyrosine is a hydrophilic amino acid found in natural milk proteins, and as cheese ages, it loses its moisture content. When the water molecules evaporate or are pressed out, the tyrosine molecules clump together forming that enticing little crystal. Often confused for salt or sugar, the build-up of tyrosine has become a sought-after element to many cheeses, with many of our regular customers specifically requesting a cheese "with the little crunchy bits." Usage Tips Forgettaboutit. This makes any pasta dish an oh-my-gosh-ta dish, or pop into a prosciutto/baguette situation and smother in balsamic for a sweet and salty sandwich dream team. Wanna get wild? Crumble this up real nice and throw it in with your pie crust to make an unforgettable dessert. I dare you.