Wilde Weide

Hints of sweet grasses and bourbon; Distinctly dense, rich, and crunchy; The recluse savant, quietly one of the best cheeses in the case. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Holland Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Cow Rennet Type: Traditional The Flavor Experience Unlike any other aged Gouda, Wilde Weide tastes of fresh grasses and flowers, a reflection of the animals' diet.  Made on an island in South Holland with verdant pastures, this cheese is a perfect representation of its provenance.  The Story Made on an island in South Holland that is inhabited only by the husband and wife, Jan and Roos (pronounced Rose), who make the cheese, and their 200 cattle.  The herd is made up of Montbeliarde and Red Friesians, which are not typical breeds for Gouda Production.  The cows feed on pastures all year long, and give their organic raw milk to Jan and Roos, who expertly turn it into one of the best Goudas on the planet.  Roos, who has operatic training at the University of Amsterdam, sings an aria to the eight wheels of cheese that are made each day to lay them down for their year-plus slumber.  Before the wheels are shipped to the United States, they need to be loaded into a row boat and paddled to mainland Holland.  Usage Tips Pair with Syrah or Gewürztraminer.  Also works nicely with brown ale, and is one of the few cheeses that can pair with bourbon.  On the rocks, preferably.