Arethusa Farms Diva

The right kind of high maintenance. Quick Facts Country of Origin:  USA - Conneticut Milk Type/Treatment:  Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience Arethusa Diva has a smooth, supple paste and a tacky, burnt orange rind that straddles the line between milky sweetness and all-out aroma. With a sweet, tangy flavor and a nutty, lightly pungent aroma, this Diva is assertive, but never aggressive. The Story Arethusa Farm is perched on 350 acres of low rolling hills in Litchfield, Connecticut. It was taken over in 1999 by two former Manolo Blahnik executives, who bought the land to protect their view from developers. (Yes, they wear sensible shoes when taking care of the animals.) Widely known as one of the cleanest and most beautiful farms in Connecticut, there's a wide variety of award-winning cows milk cheeses available from Arethusa....and we love them all! Their 375+ cows are regularly groomed and well-attended to, making way for beautiful, pure milk that turns into tasty, delicious cheese.  Usage Tips A delicate cheese like Diva still likes to get dressed up fancy with her favorite accompaniments - go for sweet toffee pecans, a drizzle of honey for sparkly and your favorite crispy cracker. Enjoy with a semi-dry red or farmhouse ale.