Capriole Sofia

An award-winning queen amongst goat cheeses. Quick Facts Country of Origin: California, United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience This think rectangle-ish shaped goat cheese is soft and flinty, but gets more creamy and intense as time passes. Expect the dense interior to be more on the dry and crumbly side, and the parts closer to the rind to be more creamy and runny. It's all of the best goat cheese textures in one single piece!  The Story Founded in 1988, Capriole Goat Cheese is longtime beloved artisan goat cheese producer in Greenville, Indiana. To this day, maker Judy Schard is still one of the oldest and most award-winning goat cheese producers in the United States.  Usage Tips Forget crumbling goat cheese into a salad a la 1993. Instead, build a salad around a thick slab of this cheese. It can hold up to peppery Sicilian olive oil, like Olio Verde, and some serious greens, like massaged kale, endive or arugula. Or, take a sweeter route and drizzle slices with your favorite honey for a dessert cheese board.