Casatica Di Bufala

Milky and soothing, with the tang of rich yogurt;  A velvet robe for your taste buds;  Happy-Go-Lucky meets Refined and Traditional. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Buffalo Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience If you're already a Brie fan, there's no reason NOT to take this step. Creamy and rich, tangy and smooth, lactic and JUST PLAIN GOOD. This one's begging for some melting action, or keep it cool on your next cheese plate and watch people try and guess which French brie it is. Then laugh at them. The Story There is more than one theory on how the Asian water buffalo, or "bubalus bubalis," roamed into Italy. One theory is that the Goths are responsible for helping them migrate to Italy in the medieval period; another claims that the Arabs introduced them to Sicily in the second century. Brothers Alfio and Bruno Gritti are the producers of Casatica, and they decided to mix up their cheesy operation by introducing water buffalo to their lineup about 10 years ago. They also make a blue cheese, Blu di Bufala, and it's awesome. Usage Tips Champagne! Prosecco! Cava! Bring on the bubbles and don't look back. Goes swimmingly with sweets, especially red jams and marmalades or a drizzle of imported Italian honey. Do it. Go now.