Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog

Soft and ethereal, a tangy outer-ring surrounds the rich inner paste. The American icon that took on the world. Please note, most shipping destinations outside the immediate Philadelphia area require overnight shipping when this item is added to the cart, regardless of the rest of your cart's contents. Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience This American icon may be inspired by the classic French chevres, but there’s no other cheese quite like Humboldt Fog. The fluffy bloom ripens from the outside-in, producing an ever-growing ring of gooey, goaty gloss around the still flaky and rich center, redolent with notes of citrus and herbs emerging from the buttermilk base. The characteristic layer of vegetable ash identifies this cheese, but don’t let its navy tone fool you—this is no blue. The Story Humboldt Fog has changed the face of American artisanal cheese since Mary Keehn started making it in the 1980s. As the first American cheese exported to France (just think about that), Humboldt Fog announced to the world that the United States was a capable, and to-be-admired, source of fine cheeses. We haven’t looked back since. Usage Tips Humboldt Fog’s cream and tang love a good dark fruit, especially blueberries. Pennsylvania’s own Tait Farm’s Blueberry Preserves delivers whole berries, ready to roll all over this cheese. Pour a glass of blonde, yeasty wheat beer and you can evoke summer any day of the year. Looking for something a bit more savory? Slice some roasted golden beets and opt for a hoppy IPA.