Fromager D'affinois

Smooth and pliant; a great introduction to French brie styles! Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience The fine velvet rind of Fromager d’Affinois encases a paste  so creamy you’d swear it was a triple crème. Rich and satiny, this innovative  cheese borrows different elements from our favorite French bloomy-rinds to create  this wildly popular wheel. With the disc-shape of a camembert, but the buttery  flavor and thick texture of a triple crème, this cheese will fulfill all your  soft-cheese needs and desires in a single wedge. The Story It may feel like a triple crème, but it’s not. In lieu of  adding additional cream during cheesemaking, makers of Fromager d’Affinois  utilize a novel technology called ultafiltration. In this effiecint method, the  fluffiest fat and protein molecules (those most desirable for cheese) are  concentrated in the milk before coagulation, while much of the water is removed.  Once cheesemaking is under way, most of the hard work of concentrating the  tasty, rich elements, and expelling the water, is already done, allowing  cheesemakers to achieve a rich, dense cheese with less milk. Usage Tips All that velvet and satin deserves an equally lush  accompaniment. Serve Fromager d’Affinois with thick slices of ripe peaches and  apricots for the pinnacle of textural luxury. A slightly sweet Riesling, full  of the same stone-fruit notes, will be pleased to join your party. Something spicy  is nicely cooled by the bright cream of this cheese, so go for some Biellese  Napolitona salami, or the spicy, spreadable Calabrain-style n’duja from N’Duja  Artisans.