Jasper Hill Winnimere

A seasonal delight, this soft, raw cow’s milk cheese has a washed rind and is wrapped in spruce bark. As close to nature as you can get without actually going outside. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Greensboro, Vermont, USA Milk Type/Treatment: Raw Winter Cow’s Milk Rennet Type: Traditional Age Range: Aged 60 days The Flavor Experience Produced only in the fall and winter months, Jasper Hill Farm’s Winnimere cheese is made using milk from their hay-fed herd of Ayrshire cows, and named after a part of Caspian Lake, in Vermont. Young wheels of Winnimere are wrapped in a flexible (and fragrant!) inner layer of spruce tree bark and left to mature for 60 days. The cheese is washed with a salt brine during aging, giving the final product an even rind and a soft texture. With notes of bacon and cream, Winnimere is a gooey and creamy cheese enveloped in a spruce-y, woodland hug. The Story Jasper Hill Farm is owned and operated by brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler, founded in 2003 in a little corner of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom, where the Kehlers spent their summers as children. Jasper Hill has enjoyed major successes with their line of cheeses, such as multiple ACS award wins, including two Best In Shows. The farm recently acquired a second creamery space at the Vermont Food Venture Center, a non-profit facility dedicated to incubating local food businesses. Along with herd management and cheesemaking, another integral facet of the business is the Cellars at Jasper Hill, a state of the art affinage facility, where both their own cheeses and those of other regional creameries are matured. Usage Tips To eat, serve at room temperature to truly enjoy all the creamy ooziness. Scrape off the top layer of rind and dig in with a spoon! Winnimere pairs nicely with a fruity red wine and Speck, to really enhance the bacon flavors present in the wheel.