Nettle Meadow Kunik

Gooey, chalky, and tangy; soft-ripened and oh so buttery! Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat, Pasteurized Cow Cream Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience This triple creme from Nettle Meadow Farm presents the clean, bright, citric tang we love about goat’s milk, enriched by the velvety, rich qualities of cow’s cream. With a gorgeous paste that gets neither too chalky nor too gooey, Kunik will undoubtedly leave you thinking about how one arrives at a great cheese idea. The Story A triple cream relies on the addition of cream to the coagulated milk to bring it up to 75% butterfat. That’s good news for cow’s milk cheese. Goat’s milk, on the other hand, is considerably lower in butterfat than that of our other dairying species, but we adore it for its signature acidity and crisp, clean flavor. Cow’s milk possesses a natural rapid creaming capacity, and Nettle Meadow Farm adds this abundant, buttery cream to goat’s milk to accomplish the dense, rich texture if Kunik. Usage Tips Tangy AND buttery? Sounds like the perfect base for a sparkling jar of Petrossian Salmon Roe, and certainly a tall flute of sparkling something. Of course, the same tang and cream adore spending some time with blueberries, be it fresh or in jam form (try Rigoni Blueberry or Wild Berries Jams), and bright green herbs, so consider an emulsion of parsley and tarragon with a grassy Tuscan olive oil, like the ever-popular Capezzana.