Normandie Brie

Gooey with a desirable snap on the rind. Quick Facts Country of Origin: France Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience This gooey, classic brie will provide a rich, buttery backdrop for whatever fixin’s you have. Emmanating notes of rich, fresh cream topped with tones of earthy, button mushrooms, Normandie Brie’s thick, fluffy rind provides a pleasant bite. The Story Normandie Brie was developed for the US market. The goal, before the final recipe was decided upon, was to create the traditional, soft cheese characteristic of the region, while upholding the FDA guidelines. To be sold in the US, a young cheese like this one would have to be made from pasteurized milk, so producers developed a gentle pasteurization method that would comply with our food safety guidelines, but without sacrificing the distinct flavor of the cherished Normand milk. This nation of brie lovers sure is thankful! Usage Tips Need a brie to cook with? This is the one. Easily cut into long slices, Normandie Brie is just the thing for sandwiches built on long baguettes. Do it the right way and have a good French butter on there, too. Roast beef and turkey are raised to new levels with a melty slather of this cheese, but think about what it could do for roast lamb with spicy mustard, like Pommery’s Fiery Moutarde de Pompiers? That’s some serious sandwich.   Sorry, this cheese cannot ship via Ground to the western US. Please select expedited shipping upon checkout if shipping west of the Mississippi River. We will make every effort to contact you and suggest a shipping upgrade if you mistakenly select ground shipping.