Queso Leonora

Lemon fudge and a glass of milk; Inhabits a magical dimension between spreadable and crumbly; If you think France has the corner on the goat cheese market, meet the game-changer. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Spain Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience Taking Spanish goat cheese to a new level, and possibly meeting if not surpassing its French counterparts, Leonora will rock you gently into the wonderful world of barely-aged goats. Never peppery and always decadent, this offers the ultimate balance of tang, acidity, and lush texture. The Story Made by a man named Oscar, goat cheese in Spain is the most readily available type. The goat, referred to at times as the poor man's cow, is able to easily navigate the mountainous terrain of northwestern Spain. The rind is covered in natural bloomy, white molds and creates a pillowy exterior to protect the heavenly paste. Usage Tips Drink a farmhouse saison, and wheat beer, crisp white wines, or sparkling anything with this one. An absolute must in your next omelette, on top of fresh guacamole, or even blended into strawberry ice cream. Wanna go nuts? Get some nuts. Also honey.