Red Hawk

Award-winning cheese that honors its coastal roots.  Quick Facts Country of Origin:  United States - California  Milk Type/Treatment: Cow Rennet Type:  Microbial The Flavor Experience Beauty and flavor come together in Cowgirl Creamery’s award-winning Red Hawk triple-crème. Made with bacteria native to the creamery’s hometown of Point Reyes, California, each wheel is distinctly unique and distinctly from here. Aged four weeks and washed with a brine that lets a warm orange rind shine through, each bite is a blissful escape.     The Story After 17 years in some of San Francisco’s best restaurants, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith were ready for a new challenge. The college friends rekindled their friendship by buying a renovated hay barn in the small town of Pt. Reye Station. Inspired by the barn, the two began using milk from the neighboring creameries to make fresh, delicious cheeses. The rest is history.  Usage Tips This funky triple-crème pairs well with a robust red wine or a hearty stout. Slice apples and crusty bread to round out a plate.