Soft as velvet and melts like a dream. A dependable softie to keep coming back to. Quick Facts Country of Origin: Italy Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized or Unpasteurized Cow Rennet Type: Animal The Flavor Experience You’ll remember why you first made cheese-friends with Taleggio every time you taste it. Though classified as a “stinky” cheese, Taleggio barely registers the funk while still delivering those other, oft overlooked qualities of a washed-rind—velvety smooth texture, great ooze, and unbeatable meltabilitly. The Story Taleggio hails from the Po Valley, Italy’s most important cow-dairying region and ancient epicenter of agriculture. Downslope of the Alps, the meltwater and alluvial soil it carries provide rich land for farming and grazing. The Po Valley’s potential was first recognized by the Etruscans and the region had become one of Europe’s major agricultural areas by the Middle Ages. Taleggio is first documented in the 1200s, but is likely to predate even that. This cheese has seen so many border changes we can’t even fit all the flag stickers on its label. Usage Tips The yeasty notes of Taleggio make it an easy stand in (or go-with) for bread. Top it with some fresh arugula and Fig and Acacia Honey Jam or put all three atop a flatbread. Peel off the rind and fold Taleggio into your polenta or risotto, or slice big slabs for an extra-oozy grilled cheese. This cheese melts like a certain non-cheese product that rhymes with word for a short test (I think you got it). Swap in Taleggio and pursue without shame!