Truffle Tremor

Fluffy bloom surrounds a gooey ring, ever encroaching on the tender center. Proud flavors cooperate, not battle, in every lofty wedge. Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Goat Rennet Type: Microbial The Flavor Experience A classic bloomy-rind goat’s cheese gets all dolled up with Italian black truffles! The familiar tang of the goat’s milk and the unique, ever-desired aroma of the truffle could battle it out, but decide they had best cooperate in Truffle Tremor. In this union of two robust flavors, neither drowns the other out, so don’t worry about picking sides. The Story Mary Keehn is the entrepreneur cheesemaker behind the famed Cypress Grove creamery, the maker of Humboldt Fog, one of the beacons of the American artisan cheese industry. She started raising goats in the 1970's and realized a talent for breeding and cheesemaking during a time when no one in America was making goat cheeses. This cheese is distinct because it is one of the first American cheeses exported to France, instead of the other way around. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of her creamery, Cypress Grove, Mary improved her goat milk classic the only way possible: she added black truffles to create the Truffle Tremor recipe. This cheese has been a top choice of Di Bruno customers since its inception. Enjoy this truffled goat's cheese with crusty bread and champagne.   Usage Tips Tishbi’s Cherry Shiraz Preserves provides a partner for both players here, the fruit latching onto the goat’s milk and the wine finding fine company with the truffle. Truffle Tremor is also a tremendous cooking cheese. Its malleable texture lends itself easily to compound butters (watch out grilled meats!) or, rolled in toasted pine nuts, a to-die-for cheese ball centerpiece. Did you know it could get that good?