Vermont Creamery Coupole

Versatile, award-winning goat cheese no one can resist.  Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States  -  Vermont Milk Type/Treatment: Goat Rennet Type:  Animal The Flavor Experience Few cheeses can manage to be versatile and bold at the same time. But that is the beauty of Vermont Creamery’s award-winning Coupole. A strong ripened rind is balanced with a soft, buttery interior. As easy to eat on its own as it is with bold pairings like spicy chiles or a sweet blueberry jam.  The Story The creative minds behind Vermont Creamery have been making consciously-crafted goat cheese for more than 34 years. Hundreds of awards later, each variety is more amazing than the next.  Usage Tips Wrap in thinly-sliced prosciutto and boil for a crisp bite of salty and smooth. Slice and drizzle with honey while sipping a Reisling or Lambic brew.