Di Bruno Bros. Grated Parmesan Cheese

Bright with the subtle sweetness of roasted peanuts; Fine particles; A subdued American adaptation. Quick Facts Country of Origin: United States Milk Type/Treatment: Pasteurized Cow Unit Size: 8 oz The Flavor Experience Bright, with the subtle sweetness of roasted, salted peanuts, grated Parmesan melts on the tongue and adds a pleasant nuttiness and mild salinity to all it garnishes. The Story A cheese that goes by countless names, Parmesan is the domestic interpretation of Parmigiano Reggiano. It has a smoother paste and more subdued flavor profile than its Italian counterpart. Made in significantly smaller format wheels ranging from 25-40 pounds (versus 75-85 pounds), a greater amount of cheese is exposed to brining during the aging process of this younger American adaptation. Usage Tips Parmesan is rife with opportunities for pairing. Grate over buttery pastas, creamy risottos and grilled vegetables or use to bind meatballs and bread eggplant slices.