Di Bruno Bros. Cheddar & Horseradish Cheese Spread

Our Cheddar & Horseradish with Smoky Bacon Cheese Spread is a marriage of spicy and savory, with little bits of bacon thrown in. Meat, cheese, and spice—all in one spread. Oh yeah! Quick Facts Origin: United States Unit Size: 7.6 oz. The Flavor Experience Bits of smoky bacon are scattered throughout this intensely flavored cheddar spread. Horseradish brings its own brand of sinus-clearing heat to round out a combination we’ve grown to adore, delivered in a little tub of thick, spreadable joy. The Story It wasn’t long ago that you could still scoop-your-own in our Italian Market shop, but times change, and packaging follows suit. Lucky you, though, as these little plastic tubs allow us to send our famous cheese spreads right to you! Usage Tips Sure, you’ve got your pretzels and chips and crackers, but let me ask you this: do you have your baked potato? All necessary toppings come in one spoonful with our Bacon and Horseradish Spread. Roast beef sandwiches, especially those still steamy hot, get dressed up by a cheese-and-condiment in one with this bacon-studded spread.