Di Bruno Bros. Port Wine Cheese Spread

Quick Facts Origin:  United States Unit Size: 7.6 oz. - 20 oz. The Flavor Experience A cheese snack we all love, our Port Wine DB Cheese Spread juxtaposes the caramel and dark fruit tones of ruby port with the sharp, savory notes of aged cheddar. With the scoopable consistency we love in our spreads, this DB Signature Cheese is sure to be rolled up, stuffed into, and spooned about. The Story Port is a pretty tried-and-true cheese pairing, bringing a range of sweet, fruity, and toasty notes that bring out the best of a diverse array of cheese. The addition of wine to cheese, be it to promote a washed-rind ripening, provide flavor (unintended or not) from the outside-in, or to ripple through the paste, is an age-old practice. We can’t quite pinpoint when we fell in love with this spreadable style of port-and-cheddar pairing, but do you really want to return to time before that? I think not. Usage Tips Dark, nutty beers and a big bowl of pretzels beckon a tub of Port Wine Spread, as do thick slabs of pumpernickel bread and a hearty grain mustard , like Pommery Moutarde de Meaux. No Christmas is complete without the childhood induction into cheese: the cheeseball. Scoop out the contents of this little tub and roll it about it a pan of chopped pecans or slivered almonds. You know this is what you really wanted to whole time.