Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Almonds 32 Fl Oz

Elmhurst Est. 1925. With up to 4X more almonds (Per serving compared to other brands). Smooth & creamy. No added gums or emulsifiers. Simpler. Better. Plant milks the way they should be. After almost a century as a family-run New York City dairy, we decided to make the change to plant-based and have never looked back. With research, dedication, and a passion for a better future, we're bringing you the plant milks you deserve. Wholesome, clean and crafted with the simplest ingredients. It's simpler. Better. From our family to yours. Enjoy. The Elmhurst Difference: More almonds in every sip. Our almond milk is made with up to 4x more almonds per glass compared to other leading brands. Only 2 simple ingredients. By using more almonds, we're able to create a naturally smooth and creamy plant milk with no room for added gums, oils or thickening agents. No added gums or oils. More to Love: Our HydroRelease method reduces waste by using more of the nut, grain or seed. Powered by clean, renewable energy from Niagara Falls. Please recycle. FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources. www.fsc.org.