Natural By Nature Fresh Grass Fed Buttermilk

Natural By Nature® Organic Fat Free Fresh Grass-Fed Buttermilk. Grade A cultured. Certified organic. Fresh...from the meadow to the market. Our mission. To promote and support organic farming and the sustainable use of our natural resources. To produce foods that benefit consumers and farmers alike. To use the principals of grass based dairy production as a means to improve the quality of our products, maximize the health of our cows, and protect our watersheds. To make a living for our families based on these strongly held principles. Fresh from grass-fed cows grazing in open pastures, fresh air and sunshine. From small, local family owned and operated dairy farms in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Your purchase directly supports their families. Sustainably produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic hormones. By choosing grass-fed dairy products, you are ensuring a supply of nutrients which consists of higher CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Vitamins A and E, Beta-Carotene, and a healthy balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Low temperature pasteurized (NOT ultra-pasteurized) for a fresher taste and healthier product. Please look for our other quality grass-fed organic dairy products: Chocolate Milk, Half and Half, Heavy Cream, Butter, Whipped Cream, Ricotta Cheese, Buttermilk, and Sour Cream. Thank you for supporting your local organic farmers and our efforts! All Natural By Nature products are regionally produced to come to you. Fresh ... From the Meadow to the Market. Natural By Nature® is produced and handled in compliance with rigid organic specifications. Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic When offered for sale in N.Y. City may be sold until midnight of date indicated on top. 610-268-6962 To learn about our other Certified Organic Dairy Products visit us on the web at Please visit our website: