Nature's Yolk Half Dozen Organic Jumbo Eggs

We are yolked with nature. USDA organic. Cage free. Half dozen. Grade A. Fed pure grains without animal fat. No antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. Certified organic by: Pennsylvania certified organic. We are happy to tell you what Nature's Yoke organic eggs are all about: No. 1. Healthy Chickens: Our birds are not confined to cages, but are allowed to roam freely and follow their natural instinct to scratch around in the litter and move about as they please. We use no antibiotics because we believe in building up the bird's immune system naturally so they can effectively meet the challenges of the environment in which they live. No. 2. Healthy Diet: Our birds are fed only 100% healthy vegetarian diets. We use no hormones, no animal fats, and no meat scraps in our feed. The grains for our feed are grown organically and are free from pesticides and herbicides. No. 3. Healthy Eggs: Our eggs are sent to the lab on a regular basis to be monitored for salmonella bacteria. No. 4. Healthy People: We are grateful for the blessings that nature provides for the health of all living things. We believe that these chickens are yolked to nature and are making full use of their abilities to produce healthy eggs for you. We hope you enjoy them and tell your friends about them also.