Benton's Bacon

For the person who can't have enough smoky flavor. Just a wallop of hickory.  Benton's is nationally recognized as the best bacon there is. Quick Facts Origin: Tennessee, United States Animal Type: Pig The Flavor Experience Hand-rubbed with salt, pepper and brown sugar, and smoked over hickory for 2 days.  An immense amount of smoke in this bacon, which permeates the flavors of whatever you cook with it. The Story From humble beginnings, Benton's rise to fame has been meteoric, which is a testament to doing things in a time-tested, non-corner-cutting way.  Everything at Benton's is done by hand: the bellies are rubbed in salt, pepper and brown sugar, and are smoked in a wood-fire smokehouse for 48 hours.  They were featured prominently in the Momofuku and Blackberry Farms cookbooks.  Usage Tips Depending on your tolerance for smoke, this may be too intense for simple bacon and eggs.  But there is no question that it is a superlative bacon for recipes, especially if you love hickory.  Add depth to mac and cheese, roasted veggies or pork chops with a dose of Benton's.