Abbondanza Gift Box

Our #1 best seller year after year, this gourmet gift box has just the right mix of everything. From our aged New York Cheddar, to rustic charcuterie, original recipe cheese spreads and antipasti. The Abbondanza Gift Box contains all the makings of an Italian snacking feast. For added crunch, try our Black Lava Cashews, dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt. For a sweet finish, enjoy some small batch caramels. Abundance, indeed! *Please note, due to volume and supply challenges, there may be some product substitutions made to this gift. Thank you for your understanding. Includes:   Aged NY Cheddar  (8 oz) - An extra aged cheese with sharp & creamy notes hailing from New York. Abbruzze Cheese Spread  (7.6 oz) - Loaded with zesty garlic and plenty of red chiles, Abbruzze Cheese Spread is the classic spicy treat of the Italian Market. With a rich cheddar base for spreading, dipping, or even cooking, this is definitely Philadelphia’s new classic. Pepper Shooters  (7 oz) -   Our fiery pepper shooters are a uniquely hearty treat that are ideal for snacking or as an addition to your next antipasti. Mild Soppressata   (8 oz) - Our Sweet Soppressata is an Italian classic; rustic and savory. Fig & Acacia Honey Jam  (7.1 oz) - Use our jam to pair with cheese or as a glaze for roast pork or chicken, or as a delicious condiment for cakes, jelly rolls, tartlets & pies. Black Lava Cashews  (5 oz) - Black Lava Cashews are dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt, which uses charcoal for an exceptional flavor and an exciting look. Bequet Caramels  (3 pcs) - We added just a few of these smooth, chewy caramels for a sweet punch to end your snacking session. Olive Oil Crostini   (7.04 oz)  -  The distinct flavor of extra virgin olive oil is fused into our crunchy, twice-baked Crostini, which make an ideal snack.   RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS -  Soppressata, Abbruzze Spread, Olive Oil Crostini -  Aged NY Cheddar with Fig & Acacia Honey Jam