Winter Mini Chocolates Tin

Assorted chocolate squares packaged in a festive Christmas tin. THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE The chocolatiers at Venchi don't limit their creativity to simple squares of chocolate. Inside this festive tin is a magical assortment of creamy milk chocolate and artfully balanced dark chocolate morsels that will bring a smile to your face. A simple gift that shows you care, a thoughtful present for the cocoa enthusiasts. THE STORY In the 1800s in Piedmont, Italy, Silviano Venchi started making chocolates in his shop at just 16 years old. The shop soon became one of the best known in town due to Venchi's appreciation of the exceptional quality of ingredients and beautiful presentation of the chocolates. Today, Venchi continues to pioneer incredible tastes in chocolate and gelato. USAGE TIPS Share over egg nogs and hot chocolates on Christmas Eve.