Saladini Saladini Large Semi Hard Cheese Knife

Hard-sharpened steel with a sturdy wooden handle.  Quick Facts Country of Origin:  Italy Colors Available:   Ox Horn  Size:   Total length: 32.5 cm; Blade length: 20 cm The Flavor Experience Quality cheese demands a quality cut. The 420 steel gives this blade a sleek sharpness that keeps the interior of your wedges clean-cut.    The Story The Saladini family started out as blacksmiths in a small town north of Florence called Scarperia, or “town of knives.” Since the mid-19th century, the family has become some of the world’s best knife makers. Forged from high-quality materials, with every detail in mind, each Saladini knife is a timeless work of art.   Usage Slice through a wedge of gouda or gruyere and enjoy.