La Madia Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Once reconstituted, porcini is nutty and meaty with a smooth creamy texture. Beefy and savory with an undercurrent of deep earth and forest floor. Quick Facts Origin: Italy, Umbria Unit Size: 1.76 oz. The Flavor Experience They have a great shelf life and can last even longer in the freezer; but be sure to store them covered so they keep their strength. The Story Boletus edulis is perhaps the world's best known edible mushroom and has made it's way into dishes from all over europe and asia. Porcini is near impossible to cultivate which means all of the world's porcini must be foraged. Nearly 100,00 tons are consumed annually worldwide and in former soviet-bloc countries, porcini gathering has become a pastime. Usage Tips A usual suspect in a risotto lineup, porcini makes for a great compound butter. The butter can then be used to top a steak or pan-baste chicken.